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Liberty College - Tamworth (Liberty Primary School)

Introduction to Liberty Christian Primary School

Liberty Christian Primary School is a ministry of Liberty Church Inc. and is a Kindergarten to Year 6 school, affiliated with Christian Schools Australia. Our school motto is “Excellence in Christ”, both in personal development and academic achievement.

In June 1998 Liberty Christian Primary School took possession of a magnificent factory style building on the New England Highway just south of Tamworth. The property includes a multi-purpose building, which was renovated to provide classrooms, library, canteen, toilet facilities and an assembly hall. New school classrooms were purchased in 2010.

A bus shed and workshop was added to Liberty in 2002.

Playground equipment was installed and a grassed playing area was established when the school opened in 1999. Landscaping is ongoing with our focus on establishing native gardens. Further development of the playground area at Liberty Christian Primary School occurred in 2009.

Liberty’s Foundational Principles

Jesus is Lord
Jesus Christ is Lord and Sovereign Creator of all things. The school has a responsibility to develop each individual student, enabling them to discover their purpose and identity in Christ. Every student in the school is a unique individual formed with a God-created purpose and identity.

Family is Best
The second principle is the belief that the family is the best authority structure for the nurture and development of a child. The school is here to help the parents raise their children. Liberty Primary School therefore practises and teaches Christian family principles and morals.

Liberty Is Special

Liberty Christian Primary School has a special focus on three aspects of school life.

Commitment to Literacy
Liberty Christian Primary School is committed to supporting students in Literacy. A whole school phonemic awareness program is used in the classroom in addition to a wide range of high interest reading material. The MULTILIT program is also utilised to support students in Literacy.

Commitment to Small Classes
Liberty Christian Primary School has a long term commitment to small class sizes, to allow more individual attention to be given and thus provide each student the best opportunity for their learning.

Commitment to Family
A family atmosphere is nurtured and encouraged at Liberty Christian Primary School, both in the classroom and in the playground, so that every child is accepted and recognised as a unique and special person. Students are actively encouraged to care for one another and to have a forgiving attitude in every situation.

Enrolment and Fees

Children being enrolled should be from homes which desire to practice Christian values. The school caters for students from both our church families and from the wider community, and includes a broad range of nationalities.

Liberty Christian Primary School fees are set each year to provide a high quality but cost effective education for your child. Our fee structure includes generous discounts for additional siblings, and are adjusted for inflation each school year.

Financial needs are treated with compassion and in strictest confidence at Liberty Christian Primary School.

Parents should never allow the issue of fees to be a reason to deprive their children of an excellent, Christ-centred, Christian education.

The Key to Learning is RESPONSIBILITY

Liberty Christian Primary School believes that mutual responsibility for the education of students rests with all members of the school community: school, staff, parents and students. The fulfilment of these responsibilities by all parties will allow for the proper Christ-centred development of our students.

Staff and students are given the opportunity to develop respect for one another, encouraging each to love and good works. Relationships at Liberty Christian Primary School are based on humility, communication and trust, and at all times relying on sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Students, parents and teachers at Liberty Christian Primary School have a responsibility to maintain the caring and nurturing nature of the school, always aiming for excellence. Responsibility brings with it a commitment to action; and responsibility is ultimately achieved when the right actions are taken. We encourage the making of correct godly choices.

Our Staff

The staff of Liberty Christian Primary School are very experienced teachers with teaching staff and board members having over 100 years of experience. Our expertise is in student welfare and behaviour, with a special focus on literacy.

Liberty College - Tamworth (Liberty Primary School)

582 Goonoo Goonoo Road
Tamworth, NSW 2340
Phone: 02 6762 2322



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Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Primary
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Christian
  • Early Learning: Yes



* K-6  Christian school     
* Small Class Sizes     
* Individual Attention   
* Affordable Fee Structure
* Caring Christian Staff   
 * Strong Literacy & Numeracy 
 * Family Friendly

Liberty Christian Primary School is your school.

Bring Out the Best in your Child!
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