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What is a School Feature Page?

A School Feature Page is an entire page on this website dedicated to your school. It provides an opportunity to inform the public about your school in detail. You can choose to include any of the following features: 

  • A description of all aspects of your school
  • Up to four photos
  • Your school crest
  • Special Announcements  
  • Website link and email address
  • Brochure/Prospectus download
  • Your school colours as part of the design

It's easy to enter information and your Feature Page can be updated at any time.

What are the Benefits of a School Feature Page?

A School Feature Page:

  • Can be seen on mobile devices as well as computers
  • Showcases your school to parents and prospective students
  • Reaches the target parents who are looking for a school like yours
  • Provides a more cost-effective promotion than many other forms of advertising
  • Draws attention to your school on the Directory
  • provides 12 months continuous advertising
  • Announces Open Days, events, or highlights latest achievements
  • Can be seen by parents who may not have come across your website
  • provides instant comprehensive information about your school

When will the School Feature Page be seen?

Your School Feature Page can be seen:

  • On the Directory Home Page
  • Above those schools without a Feature Page from a Location Search
  • From a Special Features search
  • When your school is searched for by Name
  • When your school is on a Visitors Short-list
  • When it is selected from the list of schools with Feature Pages

Is there a cost for having a School Feature Page?

A fee is charged for a School Feature Page per annum. Changes and updates are free.  To book your Feature Page and for advice on the annual fee, please contact Future Media Group at or phone (03) 9525 7213. Once completed and payment has been received, your Feature Page will go LIVE. We will contact you on the anniversary of your Feature Page to invite you to renew for a further 12 months. 

Special Offers

Private schools that book a Feature Page on both the Australian Schools Directory and the Private Schools Directory will receive a discount. 

Schools that book Feature Pages for each of their campuses or for each school within a network, will receive a discount. See Special Offer.

How do I make a School Feature Page?

You can easily create your School Feature Page and update it at any time.  Go to Make a Feature Page for more information.

A User Name and Password will be provided to you for log-in to create or update your Feature Page. This gives you the security of knowing only an authorised person is able to upload information and make changes.

Contact Us

If you have not received a User Name, or require any information or assistance, please contact Future Media Group at or (03) 9525 7213


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