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Newington College Stanmore 7-12

Discover What's Possible

At Newington College we open up a world of possibilities for our students by encouraging them to discover their interests, passions and values. The opportunity to learn in an environment that embraces technology, innovation, creativity and participation may be the catalyst that ignites a passion or interest that lasts a lifetime.

Founded in 1863 on principles of inclusivity and diversity, Newington College is committed to nurturing and challenging our boys both academically and personally.

Our education focuses on building character and resilience, caring for others and shaping the bright minds of the future. It is our vision that every Newington boy leaves school prepared to go out into the world with the attributes, skills and desire to change things for the better.

With three Sydney campuses, two in the inner city and one on the lower North Shore, we are blessed to host boys from all over metropolitan Sydney, rural New South Wales and beyond. Newington families value the opportunity for their sons to embrace an inclusive community and philosophy.

There are five key components to a Newington education: an excellent teaching and learning program; an emphasis on well-being, character and service to others; an engagement with spirituality, values and ethics; a diverse range of exciting co-curricular opportunities and a strong emphasis on community.

No two students are alike, that’s why we encourage all our boys to try the different learning styles, inquiry-based pathways and subjects that best suit their needs – a recipe for learning that’s enjoyable. Newington College proudly offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma and a Vocational Education and Training program as well as the HSC. We encourage our boys to be open-minded, tolerant and to think freely in an environment that provides access to excellent teachers, facilities and opportunities.

A Culture of Caring

Newington College is passionate about our focus on caring and relationships. We instil a sense of responsibility for each other’s wellbeing.

We believe that teaching all boys to be resilient in the face of adversity is an important part of a well-rounded education. By educating for a positive psychology we equip all our boys with the tools to cope with disappointment and support others who are in a similar position.

Our academic and co-curricular programs are designed to help our boys grow into resilient, empathetic and ethical men.

Our students are supported as they learn how to serve and care for others through our mentor, leadership, chapel and service learning programs. At Newington we encourage all boys to participate in Service Learning activities which help students to think outside the classroom and give back to the wider community.

We are passionate about sustainability and our collaborative effort between students, staff and the community are a strong step towards a better world.

How best they Learn

At Newington College we encourage a thirst for knowledge and an appetite for further enquiry and understanding that prepares students for life after school.

We work to develop students with independence, inquiry, strong creative and collaborative skills and a global approach to learning. We encourage our boys to explore their creative side to problem solve and reach their potential.

One of the most exciting aspects about learning at Newington is the range of experiences, learning opportunities and teaching styles that the boys have access to. We tailor our teaching to best support the way that your son learns.

The Newington Learner is reflective, self-directed and inquisitive. He will come to understand himself as a learner, play to his strengths and work on developing new skills—for those inevitable times when learning is complex or difficult.

Giving our senior boys choice in what they learn is a key ingredient in helping them achieve their own academic success. Whether through the HSC or IB (International Baccalaureate) our students are given all the tools they need to succeed.

We provide quality assistance to students whether it be greater challenges through our High Academic Potential Program or additional support through our Learning Enhancement Department.

Our Community

Family comes first at Newington. It is the partnership we form with each student and their parents that allow us to focus on the education of the whole person. Our educators and parents share common goals and objectives for our boys.

Our multicultural and multi-faith teaching and student body and parents and friends network enriches the College year after year.

From vital bonds between students parents and teachers, to Old Boys and various community groups, our community relationships ensure that together we are stronger.

Innovation and Technology

At Newington College we believe that technology plays a vital role in helping students learn. We see the value of technology in not just ‘substituting’ things students would do but rather to augment, modify and redefine learning activities.

Technology opens new ways of engaging and nurturing learners.

Our teachers use technology to enrich learning, leaving students with skills, tools and ways of thinking that will be beneficial well beyond their schooling.

Technology empowers students as independent and creative problem solvers, encourages collaboration skills and helps them to develop research patterns that will service them for life as ethical and informed learners.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Newington College is committed to providing all students with the opportunity to experiment and thrive in a large and varied range of co-curricular activities. Boys combine academic life with a seemingly limitless number of sports, arts, outdoor education and hands-on learning programs that are designed to complement their studies. They are supported and encouraged in the journey to discovering their own unique passions and interests.

The philosophy of Sport at Newington is to build a culture of ‘Being your best’ and doing it with humility, respect and enthusiasm.

Sport is an important part of the development and well-being of adolescent boys and is a compulsory activity for all students at Newington College. We offer a wide range of competition and non-competition sports at various levels. Sport enables lasting friendships, an appetite for being physically and mentally healthy and reinforces some of the important lessons about teamwork, responsibility, character and collegiality.

Creative and Performing Arts are fundamental at Newington College. We provide a wide-ranging, quality creative arts education to all boys from K–12, including extensive co-curricular opportunities in the areas of Drama, Film & Media, Music and Visual Arts.

Newington College Stanmore 7-12

200 Stanmore Road
Stanmore, NSW 2048
Phone: 61 2 9568 9333



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Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Combined
  • Gender: Boys
  • Religious Affiliation: Uniting Church
  • Boarding: Yes
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Learning Extension: Yes
  • International Baccalaureate: Yes
  • International Students: Yes


College Tours
Newington College offers tours throughout the year to provide the opportunity to experience our state-of-the-art facilities and learn about the teaching and learning, co-curricular and well-being opportunities at Newington.
Tours through our secondary and preparatory campuses are generally led by the respective Heads of School and take place throughout the year at all three campuses. Please visit:
Book a Tour | Newington College

Registration & Enrolment
Please visit:

Registration & Enrolment | Newington College

International Baccalaureate Diploma
Newington College is the only GPS school that offers boys a choice between the HSC and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The IB encourages global awareness and intellectual rigour. The choice to offer the IB reflects Newington’s commitment to providing our boys with an internationally respected education, in an environment where they have access to excellent teachers, facilities and opportunities.


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